Barn Door Construction

Wood Selection: We source our wood from a premium wood supplier her in Austin, TX and offer Knotty Alder and Knotty Pine as our primary selection. However if there is a specific wood species you would like for your door we would be happy to work up a custom quote. 

What is kiln dried wood all about? Kiln drying is the controlled drying process critical to ensure a stable end product that is less likely to warp or cup over time. This is why all of our products are constructed using kiln dried lumber. (Some wood movement will always occur throughout the normal changes of temperature, humidity, and seasons)

Sizing Availability: Barn Doors may be ordered in 6″ width increments beginning at 24″ wide up to 60″ while height begins at 84″ and goes up to 98″ tall in 2″ increments. (Not all door profiles are available in all sizes, see individual selections for exact availability)

What is the purpose of the “header board”? Your rail hardware comes with pre-drilled holes 16″ on center for mounting, as this is the “typical” distance between wall studs. However since wall studs are not perfectly distanced we include this board to be fastened to the wall first (making sure to hit the studs) followed by the rail hardware. This ensures the rail fasteners have solid wood to bite into and gives your hardware the strength to support your door for years to come. (Header board will be the same length as your rail and will be color matched to the door you order… at no extra cost)

Construction: All doors are constructed with 6″ wide planks held flat by our in house cut tongue and grove profile.

Door Thickness: Planks are 3/4″ thick and 1″ thick battens give a final thickness of 1-3/4″. (+/- 1/16″)


Backside of all Barn doors

Framed Style Door Dimensions

Plank Style Door Dimensions


Barn doors may be ordered pre-finished at our facility or raw for you to create your own unique look. Unfinished doors will receive the same careful surface preparation as our pre-finished doors to give you the best possible blank canvas.

When you select one of our pre-finished options it will include an application of conditioner, wood dye, and a top coat of boiled-linseed oil. This finishing technique is entirely hand applied.

We choose boiled linseed oil as our go to top coat as it more closely follows the historic methods used in years past. This also lets you to feel the wood as it is and avoids the plastic feel of other top coats.

(If you require the use of a different top coat to better fit your needs please reach out and see if we can make accommodations)

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